Cable Carrier Assembly (Festoon System)

Cable Carrier ( Festoon Systems) were manufactured by us for the first time in India has won the Prestigious Award of MCCIA-Pune, Plasticon Award-Delhi, PlastArabia Award-Dubai. Some of these designs are Registered with Patent Office of Government of India.

The product is assembly of 2 major components viz.

1) Trailing Unit that moves of tracks like wire rope, T section, Enclosed track etc
2) Hanger Unit that clamps the Electric Cable.

Now known to all the advantage of using this product are:

Avoids leakage of Electric Current due to Non Conductive material
Free movement
Easy forward and backward movement
Uniformly spaced carrier points forming equal loop of cable
Wide range

Trailing Units

Seven types of Trailing Units available are :

1. Suitable for steel wire rope upto 8mm Ø
2. Double Wheel suitable upto 8 mm Ø steel wire rope
3. Suitable for Round Pipe or Bar 1" Ø
4. Suitable for Enclosed Track inner square size 34 mm (Track also available)
5. Suitable for steel wire rope upto 12 mm Ø
6. Double Wheels suitable upto 12 mm Ø steel wire rope
7. Suitable for 'T' Section/'I' Channel 50 mm width

We recommend that all wire ropes have to be Plastic coated for extensive life of Cable Carrier Assembly suitable for Wire Ropes.

Hanger Units

The Hanger Unit that fits onto the trailing unit has a wide range as well that will fit Electric cables from Dia.11mm to 76mm and even certain Flat Cables as well.

Available Models and Sizes

Cable HANGERS - for Electric Cables Material  CCA suitable upto- 8mm WIRE ROPE Double Wheel- CCA suitable upto- 8mm WIRE ROPE CCA suitable for Round Pipe dia.25mm-OD CCA suitable for Enclosed Track CCA suitable for 10/12mm WIRE ROPE Double Wheel CCA suitable for 10/12mm WIRE ROPE Trolley Type TCCA for T or I section 
    Code No. Code No. Code No. Code No. Code No. Code No. Code No.
Round Nylon CCA/RN-01           DCCA/RN-11        CCRB/RN-21  CCET/RN-31       SCCA/RN-41     SDCC/RN-53            TCCA/RN-65         
Round  - Curve Nylon CCA/NRN-01-A        DCCA/NRN-11-A    CCRB/NRN-21-A CCET/NRN-31-A  SCCA/NRN-41-A     SDCC/NRN-53-A      TCCA/NRN-65-A   
Round Polypropylene CCA/RP-02            DCCA/RP-12          CCRB/RP-22    SCCA/RP-42            SDCC/RP-54              
Round - Curve Polypropylene CCA/NRP-02-B        DCCA/NRP-12-B     CCRB/NRP-22-B    SCCA/NRP-42-B        SDCC/NRP-54--B        
Round Big Nylon CCA/RBN-03      DCCA/RBN-13     CCRB/RBN-23  CCET/RBN-33    SCCA/RBN-43        SDCC/RBN-55          TCCA/RBN-66       
Round Big-Curve Nylon CCA/NRBN-03-A    DCCA/NRBN-13-A  CCRB/NRBN-23-A  CCET/NRBN-33-A SCCA/NRBN-43-A SDCC/NRBN-55-A    TCCA/NRBN-66A 
Round Big Polypropylene CCA/RBP-04         DCCA/RBP-14        CCRB/RBP-24    SCCA/RBP-44          SDCC/RBP-56           
Round Big-Curve Polypropylene CCA/NRBP-04-B    DCCA/NRBP-14-B   CCRB/NRBP-24--B     SCCA/NRBP-44-B   SDCC/NRBP-56-B      
Flat * Nylon CCA/FN-05          DCCA/FN-15        CCRB/FN-25   CCET/FN-35       SCCA/FN-45           SDCC/FN-57             TCCA/FN-67         
Flat * Polypropylene CCA/FP-06           DCCA/FP-16        CCRB/FP-26     SCCA/FP-46             SDCC/FP-58              
Tyre Nylon CCA/TN-07        DCCA/TN-17       CCRB/TN-27      CCET/TN-37       SCCA/TN-47           SDCC/TN-59            TCCA/TN-68         
Tyre Polypropylene CCA/TP-08            DCCA/TP-18        CCRB/TP-28         SCCA/TP-48           SDCC/TP-60              
Jumbo With Bush 25mm Ø Polypropylene CCA/JP-09          DCCA/JP-19         CCRB/JP-29        CCET/JP-39           SCCA/JP-49           SDCC/JP-61               TCCA/JP-69          
Jumbo Without Bush Ø38mm  Polypropylene CCA/JP-10        DCCA/JP-20       CCRB/JP-30       CCET/JP-40         SCCA/JP-50            SDCC/JP-62               TCCA/JP-70       
Super Jumbo With Bush 51mm Polypropylene         SCCA/SJP-51          SDCC/SJP-63            TCCA/SJP-71         
Super Jumbo w/o Bush Ø63mm Polypropylene         SCCA/SJP-52           SDCC/SJP-64             TCCA/SJP-72         
Super Jumbo w/o  Bush Ø76mm Polypropylene         SCCA/SJP-52-A          SDCC/SJP-64-A TCCA/SJP-72-A