Plastic Tool Pocket for CNC Tool Holders

Plastic Tool Pockets for CNC-Tool Holders are available for BT Taper & HSK Tapers.

BT 30; 40; 50 pockets are available in Rectangular & Round Shape whereas HSK 50A; 63A; 100A.

These Plastic Tool Pockets ensure a systematic & vertical storage of tool holders for optimum performance and also helps in easy identification of tools. The Tool Pocket can be mounted easily on any type of metal or wooden trolley with the help of Allen Bolts. The product in injection moulded and so does not affect the surface of Tool Holder.

Available Models and Sizes

BT/ ISO 30 Tool Pocket 
BT/ ISO 40 Tool Pocket 
BT/ ISO 50 Tool Pocket 
HSK 50 A Tool Pocket 
HSK 63 A Tool Pocket 
HSK 100 A Tool Pocket 

Application of Plastic Tool Pockets

Plastic pockets are the ones which hold the CNC Tool Holders in place

Application :

Plastic Tool Pockets are fitted on to CNC Tool Trolley / CNC Tool Holder Trolley/ CNC Tool Carts/ CNC A type Tool Trolley/ VMC Tool Trolley/ BT-30 Tool Trolley / BT-40 Tool Trolley / BT-50 Tool Trolley HSK-50 Tool Trolley/ HSK-63 Tool Trolley / HSK-100 Tool Trolley/ Khira Tool Trolley