Nylocking Rings

Nylocking Rings are plastic washers in Nylon 6 which are used in Bolts and Nuts

The advantages of Nylocking Rings are:

NYLOCKING RINGS flow into the threads of bolt and nut resulting in effective multiple locking and sealing.
NYLOCKING RINGS prevent rotation of the retaining ring around the bolt & prevent the nut from loosening as they wrap round the flats on the nut.
NYLOCKING RINGS create effective frictional resistance with the bolt.
NYLOCKING RINGS fill all free spaces and seal against air and all other leakages.
NYLOCKING RINGS absorb vibrations arising in any bolt assembly which reduces the sound pollution.
NYLOCKING RINGS are chemically resistant to Alkalines, solutions of neutral inorganic salts, fats, oils, petrol, Benzine, Alcohol, Acetone, diluted acids and sea water.
Nylocking Rings, Plastic Washers