Pendant Control Station

Yet another product for Cranes & Hoist industry in addition to Cable Carrier Assembly.

For all pendants the body available in attractive color is injection moulded from Plastic Reinforced material, which prevents operator from hazardous electric shocks. The product exclusively designed has no sharp edges for easy handling.. The elements used are Standard Switches - S1 (NO) & S1 (NC) that are alternately mounted. MECHANICAL INTERLOCK has been incorporated in assembly so at a time only one switch will be activated while other gets locked. A delay arrangement is also done in assembly so as to have DOUBLE SPEED in operation. An EMERGENCY STOP / On-Off Key Actuator is standard TEKNIC switch that adds a safety measure.

The use of rubber lining prevents it from dust and water splashes. The cable cone can accommodate cables of different diameter. A hook is provided to hang the pendant with metal chain thus avoiding the tension on the electric cable.

Available Models and Sizes

2-Way Pendant Control Station 
4-Way Pendant Control Station 
2-Way + Emergency Stop Pendant Control Station 
8-Way Pendant Control Station 
10-Way Pendant Control Station 
6-Way Pendant Control Station