Customized Products

Edge Protector

The plastic Edge Proctector helps in Cardboard Box edges to remain intact when Packing Strips are tightened, thus keeping the box in shape and protecting the contents in the box. Available in 2 sizes

Plastic Caps for Allen Bolts

The caps fit in easily inside the Allen head on the bolt. The cavity for Allen Bolt is thus protected from any welding spots when Assembly is held together with Bolts and then welded. Available in sizes of M4, M5, M6, M8. M10, M12, M16.

Rebar Chairs – Size 25, 35, 40 & 55mm

Rebar chairs are specially-designed components made for supporting rebars, which are embedded metal bars used to reinforce newly-poured concrete. Rebar can be made of metal, but that only increases the likelihood of them rusting and cracking over time & which compromises the Building Structure. But the Plastic Rebar Chairs do not rust or crack and get well embedded in concrete due to its special design.

Multi Directional Wheels in Plastic Size dia.50 & 100mm

The main body of the wheels while moving in rotating direction has Small Rollers around the circumference which move in perpendicular direction as well. This unique design helps the articles being conveyed in 1 direction as well as in lateral direction. A 360 deg. Rotation of article/ box / part can also be achieved. Made from Modified Polyamide these can be used to convey light weight articles.

ND-CCET Enclosed Track

Manufactured in Pune, India this Trolley is suitable for KBK track of ID.28x28mm. The trolley is made from Polyamide material for improved strength & all spares of trolley available Ex Stock.

Plastic Socket Caps

On most of the shop floors Industrial / Electrical Sockets are installed to connect power to various machine or its accessories. In due course the caps on socket are misplaced exposing the socket & increasing the risk of Electrical Shock. Our Plastic Socket Caps will cover such Sockets & are available in sizes 2P- 10A; 2P- 20A; 3P- 20A & 3P- 30A. They are available in red colour represents the Prohibition, as per international Colour Code system for Safety. They have size imprinted on top portion for easy identification & come with Cord for clamping so that when not in use they still are hanging on the socket. & are available Ex-Stock.

SLH Trolley

Also known as Slaughter House Trolley or Trolley for Chicken Slaughter House / Suspension Pulley / Suspension trolley / Poultry Processing Equipment Used in poultry slaughter houses for Overhead Chain Conveyor. The trolley is made from Hight Strength Modified Polyamide material having Roller wheels in Acetal Polymer. All the hardware used is in SS-316. The trolley has Ribbed design that improves the weight carrying capacity. The trolley is fully manufactured in Pune, India and is available ex-stock.